About me

Pict PublishingI’m a Pict Publishing author
Pict Publishing is a small publishing company based in the UK which focuses on epic tales featuring strong modern women, written by women. Their mission is to give a voice to a new wave of writers.

Pict Publishing

Indie Authors WorldI’m part of Indie Authors World
Indie Authors World is a business that helps indie authors get their books to market and publicise them. I go to their meetings once a month in Glasgow and have found their advice invaluable. Run by Kim and Sinclair MacLeod, both authors themselves, they run a friendly service and know what the business is like from the author’s point of view.

Indie Authors World

What I enjoy reading
I prefer listening to audiobooks as I have issues with migraine associated vertigo and find after a day writing at the laptop, I can’t concentrate on books or ebook readers.

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Dundonald CastleI love Dundonald Castle
I happen to live so close to Dundonald Castle in South Ayrshire, Scotland, that I can see it from my window. The current castle was built for the grandson of Robert the Bruce and changed hands a few times until it became the property of the Earls of Dundonald – the most famous of whom was the 10th Earl, Thomas, Cochrane, a famous naval hero, not just in Britain but in Chile, Brazil and Greece.

The castle has a lovely wee tearoom and giftshop, so even when the castle is closed you are sure of a warm welcome and a hot drink. You can also set out along the smuggler’s trail to Troon from just beside the tearoom. You may even find me in there, beavering away at my next novel.

Dundonald Castle

knitting patternsI also love knitting
I’m rediscovering crafting. I currently have loom bands, crochet and knitting all over my house but knitting is currently winning hands down. Mainly because my mother made me do it when I was small so it’s the thing at which I’m most proficient.

My mum has given me her knitting machine which I am currently too scared to attempt to put up but soon I will and I will work out what to do with it. (most of the patterns are too old fashioned.

So knitting here I go. x