Purveyor of scandal & naughtiness

USA Today bestselling author Em Taylor hails from Scotland. Having ditched her plans to own her own island like George in the Famous five, she’s resigned to waiting for her own Mr Darcy. Her impatience is growing so she is putting her imagination to good use in the meantime. 

Pict Publishing“Hello, I’m Em Taylor and I write scandalous Regency romance novels. I started writing them in 2013, took a break for a couple of years around 2015 to try other Romance sub-genres and returned in 2017 with my Contrary Fairy Tales Series.

I’m a perfectly content bluestocking spinster. I enjoy crewing film and comic conventions, going to book signings, chasing critters out my house, sightseeing and drinking coffee in interesting locales, especially if I can take my kindle and Bluetooth keyboard with me.”

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